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The immense Czech music heritage and tradition make a fertile ground for a number of extraordinary ensembles who find, research and promote the old actually, the early music.

The PRAGUE MADRIGALISTS is among the leading groups, whose long-time aktivity has acquired an undeniable international reputation, founded in 1956 upon an initiative by Miroslav Venhoda, an organist and theoretician educated in Prague and at the Vatican (leader until 1982, succeeded by S. Janys and P. Baxa, then by DAMIANO BINETTI in 1994).

The composition of the Prague Madrigalists can alter from a minimum of 6 singers and 4 instrumentalists, depending on the selection from their vast repertoár of secular and spiritual music ranging from 15th to 19th century, constantly enlarged by contemporary works inspired by early music (for example, some works by Bohuslav Martinu).

They have appeared at almost all important festivals and events of early music in the big gest centre (Prague, Paris, San Sebastian, Munich, Linz, Luzern, Milan, Turin, Cremona, Genoa, Giessen, Sion, etc.) all over Europe, USA, Canada and Mexico.

Their treasury is adorned with prestigious awards for interpretation and discography: the Ivan Lukacic for best interpreter at the Baroque Evenings in Varazdin – Crroatia, the Gold Disc by Supraphon, the Grand Prix of the Belgian discography, Grand Prix of the Charles Cros Academy in France, etc.

Their precious activity had also been recognized by a decoration assigned by Czech President Vaclav Havel.


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